October 8

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The Import Regulation System ( Zone Based And Country Based ) And New Policy of Importing Productive Female Cattle To Improve Cattle Population  In Indonesia

Nirmala Maulana Achmad, Afiya Afwa Nabila, Denis Cyntia Melida Puspita Sari, Dismas Sesotya Bumantara

Fakultas Peternakan UGM



The controversy about cattle import’s policy is being discussed today. The import system change from country based to zone based created many critics. In fact, the main focus is actually to fulfill the need of beef consumption. In spite of all critics, policy has an important role to determine the future. Certain requirements of entering cattle to Indonesia are more important than argue against the country based or zone based. On the other hand, the increasing of Indonesian cattle’s population is hiting by the rampant problem of cutting productive cows in various regions of Indonesia.. This problem resulted the increasing of cattle’s population which only 4,95 % in 2014 to 2015. The Act No. 18 Year 2009 on Animal Husbandry and Health Article 18 verse (2) said that productive cow is ban to be slaughter because it is a good livestock producer. There is an exception for this regulation as far as it is used for research, breeding, and for the control and prevention of animal diseases. Therefore, the policy to import productive cow should be encouraged in order to increase the national beef cattle population. The analysis was helped by some of books, journals, and other sources in order to create food sovereignty in particular beef. A clear policy on the importing system and the imports regulation of productive cow can improve beef cattle population Indonesia over the previous year.


Keyword: regulation, import, population, female cattle



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